Medicare Tips: Do you know the 3 C’s of drug coverage.

When your shopping for drug coverage, remember the three C’s.

They are:
1. Coverage – does the plan you pick cover the specific drugs you take? If not, you could end up paying full price for those drugs.
2. Co-pays – what does the plan charge you in co-payments and other forms of cost-sharing for the drugs you take? If you have a choice between a co-payment and a co-payment, picking the co-pay could save you a lot of money.
3. Costs – what does your insurance plan pay your pharmacy for the drugs you take? If two plans have the same co-pay for the drug or drugs you’re taking, but one plan pays more for your drugs than the other, consider enrolling in the plan that gets the lower price for your drugs.

Do this because, every time you fill a prescription you’re moving closer to Medicare Part D’s coverage gap – the donut hole.

Even if you’re co-pay for the drug is {videoDescription}, the insurance company is paying something for that drug. And those costs can add up.

Knowing the total costs for your drugs – in addition to your cost sharing requirements – may help you pick a plan that reduces your costs if you reach the Part D coverage gap, or avoid it altogether.

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