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Medicare Supplements give people age 65 and above the peace of mind in knowing that most or all of their medical bills with be paid.

Combined and designed to ride right alongside Medicare Part A and B, Medicare Supplements help pick up the expenses, or “gaps” as they’re called, that original Medicare doesn’t cover.

These things include items such as deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance. Many people think Medicare will simply pay all of their bills up on turning 65. That is absolutely not the case.

Original Medicare consists of Part A, B, and D if you choose.
Medicare Part A covers hospitalization. Medicare Part B covers doctor’s services, while Part D covers prescriptions. Medicare supplements help pay most or all of what Part A and B do not.

This means for a low monthly premium for one of the Medicare supplements you could end up with very few, if any, medical bills.
Medicare supplements are offered by private insurance carriers. It’s best to watch the video to see what the top 5 tips are when shopping for Medicare supplements.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that every insurance carrier has the exact same coverage, yet they all charge different premiums. Do you want to end up paying substantially more for the same coverage you could have gotten cheaper elsewhere?

Some of the most popular Medicare supplements are Plan F and G. Medicare supplement Plan F offers 100% coverage of the gaps in Medicare. Medicare Supplement plan G does the exact same thing, only you must first just pay a small deductible of around 0. After that Plan G pays 100 percent, just like Plan F.

Premiums vary widely between companies so it’s best that you visit to compare plans and get instant online quotes for Medicare Supplements.

Also be sure to check the rates for your Medicare supplement every year when you get an increase. Because every company has the same coverage there’s never a need to pay any more than you should for Medicare Supplements.

Russell Noga is an experienced independent broker who has been in the business for 5 years and has helped well over 2000 people obtain Medicare Supplements.

At no cost to you he can provide you with expert knowledge and help, and make sure you pay the lowest amount possible for the best coverage for any one of the Medicare supplements available.

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    Medicare Supplements – Watch these 5 tips to be sure you’re saving the most
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    Medicare Supplements – 5 Tips to help people save on Medicare Supplements
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