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Whether you are turning 65 or already on Medicare, you must watch this video….especially if you have had a rate increase. You’ll discover if you have the wrong supplement, the wrong agent, or the wrong part D drug plan. Priceless instruction by a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor in North Carolina.

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QUICK TIPS: Medicare Tax/Noncompliance Penalties | NJCPA – NJCPA teamed up with NJ101.5 FM to create Tax Tips just in time for tax season. Deidre Hartmann of Nisivoccia LLP helps you to navigate the Medicare Tax and the penalties of noncompliance.

Medicare Gals: 7 Winter Tips for Seniors – 1-855-474-6234 During this cold winter, it’s important to prepare for the harsh climate. The Medicare Gals have 7 tips for seniors. Welcome to Medicare Gals! Hosted by Mary and Sondra, the Medicare Gals are here to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding all things Medicare!

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Medicare Tips: Don’t wait to buy your Medicare coverage

Don’t wait to buy your coverage

Medicare beneficiaries have about eight weeks to select their coverage during the annual election period. But every year, a large number of people enrolling through eHealth wait until the last nine days to apply, which results in longer hold times for customers who want to speak with a licensed agent.

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ABQ Health Partners’ Medicare Tips

ABQ Health Partners’ Medicare Tips

Medicare Tips: Make sure you’re switching to generic prescription drugs whenever possible

Investigate Medicare Supplement Plans.

Some people on Medicare augment their basic Medicare coverage – also called Original Medicare (Parts A & B) with a Medicare Supplement plan.

These plans are designed to cover the out-of-pocket costs for Medicare-approved services that Original Medicare does not pay.

In most states there are 10 Medicare Supplement plan types: A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N.

Some plans are not available in all areas.

Each plan type must provide the exact same MINIMUM level of supplemental coverage. For example, an F plan from one insurance company must provide the exact same MINIMUM level of coverage as an F plan from another insurer.

After your first three months on Medicare Part B, Medicare.

Supplement plans are typically medically underwritten, which means your application could be declined. Talk to a licensed agent to be sure you qualify.

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Medicare Open Enrollment Tips and Plan Finder Tutorial

This session provides tips on choosing a Medicare prescription drug plan during the 2013 Open Enrollment period, which began on October 15th and continues until December 7th. It also provides a tutorial on choosing a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage health plan using the Plan Finder tool.

3 Tips for Choosing Medicare Part D

If you have original Medicare and Medicare Supplemental, you need to get a Part D prescription drug plan to cover the cost of your prescription drugs. But not all of these plans are the same.

This video gives you important tips for choosing a Part D plan.

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Medicare Tips: Do you know the 3 C’s of drug coverage.

When your shopping for drug coverage, remember the three C’s.

They are:
1. Coverage – does the plan you pick cover the specific drugs you take? If not, you could end up paying full price for those drugs.
2. Co-pays – what does the plan charge you in co-payments and other forms of cost-sharing for the drugs you take? If you have a choice between a co-payment and a co-payment, picking the co-pay could save you a lot of money.
3. Costs – what does your insurance plan pay your pharmacy for the drugs you take? If two plans have the same co-pay for the drug or drugs you’re taking, but one plan pays more for your drugs than the other, consider enrolling in the plan that gets the lower price for your drugs.

Do this because, every time you fill a prescription you’re moving closer to Medicare Part D’s coverage gap – the donut hole.

Even if you’re co-pay for the drug is {videoDescription}, the insurance company is paying something for that drug. And those costs can add up.

Knowing the total costs for your drugs – in addition to your cost sharing requirements – may help you pick a plan that reduces your costs if you reach the Part D coverage gap, or avoid it altogether.

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8 Medicare tips for Raleigh NC Senior Citizens

1. If you are retired from a government agency or company check to see if they will pay part or all of your Medicare Supplement Insurance or drug plan.
2. Since Medicare does not pay for all medical expenses, most Medicare beneficiaries either purchase a Medicare Supplement and a drug plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan with drug benefits from private insurance companies.With either choice you will have to continue to pay your monthly Part B premium. For additional information about Part B you can contact Social Security at 800-772-1213.
3. Medicare Supplements do not cover prescriptions. If you neglect to purchase a drug plan when you are first eligible you may have to pay a higher premium if you decide to purchase one at a later date. Medicare beneficiaries with a limited income can apply for financial assistance from the Extra
Help program that is available at your local Social Security office ( or call 800-772-1213).
4. To avoid a break in coverage, being “rated up”(paying a higher premium) or declined due to your health, the best time to purchase a Medicare Supplement, drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan is during the three months before your 65thbirthday.
5. If you are healthy and trying to keep your premiums low, do consider a Medicare Advantage Plan. In addition to offering low premiums and drug benefits, they frequently offer extras such as gym memberships, dental benefits and vision benefits. However, they typically have co-pays, hospital
deductibles and restrictive doctor and hospital networks that you do not encounter with popular Medicare Supplement Plans like Plan F.
6. Government sponsored help for selecting your best plans includes the handbooks “Medicare and You” and “Choosing a Medigap Policy, SHIIP” (Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program, 800-443-9354) and (800-633-4227).
7. What appears to be your least expensive Medicare Supplement might not be in the future. They can be “rated” in three ways: Community-rated (Everyone in the same area, such as NC, pays the same, but rates can increase due to inflation and other factors.), Entry age (Rates may go up due to inflation and
other factors, but not your age.) and Attained-age (premiums increase with age and inflation).
Additionally, some insurance companies offer high discounts initially that gradually disappear and leave the beneficiary with higher than anticipated monthly payments.
8. Despite all the resources, selecting the best plans among these complex choices of benefits and companies is confusing for most people. An independent licensed agent like Wanda Stephens at (919) 845-6001 who represents multiple insurance companies can help you navigate this myriad of plans and companies. Since these agents are compensated by the companies they represent, you will not pay an extra fee for using an agent versus doing all the work yourself.

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